Guardian of the Galaxy Outfit Collection

Guardian of the Galaxy Starlord Jacket Collection

Marvel cemented itself as the brand that guarantees its movies to be definite hits. As compared to DC Comics, they have managed to surprise the moviegoers by producing masterpieces that would put the audience at the edge of their seats. The real and ultimate test till date for Marvel was to produce a film that included characters that nobody heard about besides the comic book nerds. With people expecting nothing less than an average performance and business in theaters all over the world, they were in for a very big surprise. For those who don’t know which movie is being talked about, it was the Guardians of the Galaxy.

It had no cameos or appearances from the big heroes like Captain America, Hulk or Thor, or any of the on a regular basis appearing characters. Instead, they had Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax The Destroyer, and Groot as the characters in the movie. These had never appeared on the big screen before so not a soul knew anything about them. And then, all of a sudden, they ended up becoming the highest grossing movie of the summer. That is quite a feat for a superhero movie that nobody knew about or heard it existed in Marvel comics.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is maybe known for producing movies like the Captain America movie series and the Avengers movie series, but there is a whole new bunch of characters, the ones we heard of, making their debut on the big screen. The Guardians of the Galaxy will be coming in 2017 as Guardians of the Galaxy Volume II, which is quite a unique name for a unique movie like this. When you hear the name ‘guardians,’ you will naturally expect a badass team. Furthermore, the first part consisted of the usual lineup according to comics, and there was one man to lead them.

He is none other than the only human in the team, Star-Lord. Peter Quill is the alter ego of Star-Lord. In the movie, one of the most promising actors of the modern generation, Chris Pratt was cast to play the character. The movie may have some of the most talented actors in Hollywood as the cast, but it was Chris Pratt that became the face of the film. His performance and transformation to look like a superhero was widely appreciated and was the big break that was needed to kick start the Hollywood career. Ever since then, Chris Pratt has been getting amazing offers from top directors.

He has done so well that the movie of recent memory from a famous franchise managed to be one of the highest grossing movies of all time. When a Marvel superhero film is in the news and trending every week, you can bet that the demand for the costumes would hit a new high. Most of the characters required a lot of body paint, so the most convenient attire was Star-Lord’s. In the movie, he wore not one, but two different attires and the good news is that both of them are on sale in this Guardian of the Galaxy Star Lord Jacket Collection.

In this, you will get the chance of paying less and getting the Star Lord Guardians of the Galaxy Jacket, or the Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Coat delivered to you without any shipping charges, depending on which attire you order. Both are outstanding outfits to wear that have the accurate color and pattern of the costume worn in the film by the actor. Halloween was filled with the boys dressed as Star-Lord. However, the trend did not end that year. In fact, every year, there are people who prefer dressing as characters from this movie. Without a doubt, the human to lead a group of misfits will be the most obvious choice for any costume occasion.

The Star Lord jacket has now become a merchandise to wear as a regular outfit to parties and restaurants etc. because of how it has been stitched. It might look like a costume, but it does have the convenient features that are required in a standard leather jacket. As for the trench coat, the leather is light enough for you to wear it comfortably. Costume parties that forever to get over, so you need to have it on for a maximum three to four hours.

That is why the outfit is designed to provide you long lasting comfort and a screen accurate outlook. When you know that you need to take out your leather outfits that will give you warmth, give the Star-Lord costume a try. Surely this will fulfill your expectations when it comes to the quality and comfort. Don’t be afraid about the price because this is one rate for all the sizes. You will not get such an amazing opportunity to save money.