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Hello, and Welcome to our Star Wars shop! This page is dedicated solely to jackets based on the insanely popular Star Wars franchise. The movie series has been there for more than two decades, and each movie is fresh in the fans’ minds as it was yesterday that they released. Without a doubt, Star Wars is one of those brands that you can’t hate. With having a profound connection with Hollywood, they have always kept their standards high and maintained it for years. One of the most fascinating things in their movies is how they use the technology to create galactic ships and surroundings.

During that time, nobody could use the effects as perfectly as they did. That is why they are so well established in the sci-fi world. Not even one bit of the items that are used in the movies reflect the modern world. With laser guns and lightsabers, you will come to know that you are now in the Star Wars zone. The lightsaber is a definitive identification of the Star Wars franchise. Of course, when a franchise is as famous as this all over the world, you will certainly see thousands or maybe millions of fan following. In the list of the best villains of all time includes a name from this movie series too.

As a result, there are innumerable reasons why Star Wars is so popular. Are you one of those few moviegoers who have yet to watch Star Wars movies? Then take out time and watch. It’s a guaranteed fact that you will want to watch the entire series. In an era where you are seeing many superhero movies ruling the Box Office, Star Wars released its film after decades and managed to give them stiff competition. The latest film, which was titled Star Wars: The Force Awakens, was a massive success. From its casting and highly entertaining trailer the franchise broke records in its first week as well as grossed over $1 billion.

In fact, worldwide it grossed a total of $2 billion. Now that is a feat that even superhero movies can’t reach. Coming out of nowhere and having this impact on the box office is worth being impressed. So what are you going to do when you have to go to a costume party but don’t know who to dress as? At some point, there will be a time where you will require a costume for an occasion. Star Wars costumes are never considered out of fashion because of the popularity. Where there are games and other mediums that have characters that you can replicate, Star Wars will always be in a large number.

Characters like Han Solo, Princess Leia, Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker are the classic ones that you will spot at plenty of costume events. Can’t have enough of classics, can we? We are working on making our collection of Star Wars jackets diverse and ever-growing. Currently, our stock includes the amazingly perfect Han Solo and Finn jackets that will make you feel like a hero. Finn is a fresh face which made his debut in the franchise last year and is set to reprise his role in the imminent movies as well. Other famous characters like Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker got an upgrade with their costumes.

They may look old, but their sense of dressing is perfect. Han Solo was the center of attention in every movie he appeared, even if he was in a supporting role. The obvious breakthrough character from the film was Finn. He is said to be the son of another famous character who worked in conjunction with Han and his team. But unfortunately for Finn, he began his adventure by being on the dark side. When his eyes opened, and he realized that the Stormtroopers like him had no remorse for any enemy, Finn decided to leave them and move far from them.

Accompanied by many newcomers on his journey, he proved to be very lethal in turning the tables on them since Finn was a very well trained trooper. Without a doubt, there was a very high demand for Han Solo’s costume but what surprised everyone was that Finn’s outfit was more famous. It could be for the unique design and colored jacket he was given.

Now that he’s a famous character, you can easily order his jacket without any hesitation or tension. This store 100% guarantees you the perfect look by granting you the same features that were seen in the film. Also, there is a unique feature that is made to make the jacket convenient for you to put on. Go ahead and be sure to look out for discounts. Also, don’t forget to check out our blog for cosplay guides that will help you get your Comic-Con look ready.