Power Rangers Clothing

Superb Outfit Collection of Power Rangers Characters

The power rangers is an American TV series that first started airing in the early 90s. The Rangers are a bunch of teenagers chosen to defend the world from the evil sorceress, Rita Repulsa. Fans of the series are familiar with the Rangers. There are five of them, and they each have their distinct color. Red, black, blue, yellow and pink. There are two more Rangers, white and green; although they appeared later on in the show after the original five had given transferred their powers to a set of new Rangers.

The white ranger then took over as the new leader of the group. The original five were played by Austin St. John (Red), Walter Jones (Black), David Yost (Blue), Thuy Trang (Yellow), and Amy Jo Johnson (Pink). Jason David Frank played the roles of the white and green rangers. Of course, the Rangers movie was rebooted in 2017, and if you’re one of the few that hasn’t seen it, you should check it out.

The Power Rangers suit is a very popular costume when it comes to cosplaying, or for during themed parties. The Rangers, however, are no slouches when it comes to looking good in regular civilize wear. Their jackets and vests are simple, yet elegant and give them the typical ‘teenagers with attitude’ look. On warriorjackets.com, we have a whole collection of Jackets worn by the cast in the 2017 reboot of the Power Rangers movie, as well as by the cast of the TV series.

The leather jackets in this collection belong to Ziggy, Rose McIver, Scott, Flynn, and Dillon. These jackets are made with real leather and possess the perfect TV series design. Each ranger has their color woven into the sleeve in the form of two bands on the forearm. Next, we have the jackets worn by the Red Ranger, Jason, and the Pink Ranger, Kimberly. Again, the Jackets are proper copies of the ones worn in the movie and are very stylish.

Definitely a good choice for hanging out with your friends, or just for casual wear. To finish off, we have the vest worn by the Pink Ranger, Kimberly as well as a Red Ranger hoodie. Both items’ designs keep your comfort in mind. The hoodie bears the markings of the red ranger and is both comfortable and efficient at keeping you warm in the winter. Kimberly’s vest is designed for summer wear and can pair with jeans, skirts, dress pants; you name it. There’s something for everyone on Warrior Jacket, so browse and buy to your heart’s content.