Captain America Jacket Collection

Captain America Jackets and Costume Collection

All you see around you today is superhero movies and television series. We are now in an era where the superheroes are flourishing, and there is nothing anybody can do about it. Who doesn’t like superheroes? If you are not a Marvel fan or a DC Comics fan, you are going to get very bugged by the hype these movies create. They are all over the news, and only a few movies can give them competition even if they don’t do so well. Without a doubt, every year there will be at least two or three films releasing. This decade is all about bringing those heroes in the spotlight who have been a major influence in the own comics.

This segment is devoted to one of the most iconic superheroes Marvel has ever written. Most Marvel fans remember growing up reading the comics of Captain America and following Steve Rogers’ story. He has been an inspiration for most with his high ideals and endearing loyalty. Here you will find a diverse array of jackets based on Captain America’s costumes in the current Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. The ‘world’s first ever superhero’ is portrayed by Chris Evans in the movies. The sad part is that after the events of Civil War, he is allowed to appear in the only one film out of the remaining two.

This was the term on the contract he signed with Marvel. Chris Evans brought his experience on playing the superhero characters and showed that he is literally built for the role of Captain America. He is one of those actors in Hollywood who were born to play superheroes. He has worn very similar looking Captain America costumes during his time as the Super Soldier. Chris Evans is so familiar and consistent with his acting talent that all of his Captain America solo movies were huge hits and always managed to cross the $600 million mark.

The latest film, Captain America: Civil War was an enormous hit that earned over a billion dollars worldwide, which is why Captain America costumes and Captain America jackets have been in demand, and we are here to serve those needs. The jackets we have for you vary in material and style. For instance, those who like leather jackets can place their order for the Captain America Civil War Leather Jacket, or the Captain America Age of Ultron Jacket, or the Captain America The Winter Soldier Jacket.

If leather is not your forte, then you can always get a Captain America Letterman Jacket. While DC Comics has Batman as the face of the company, Marvel tends to have Captain America as their face that runs the place. Since Captain America is a very old character in Marvel comics, he has one of the best storylines that sets up one of the most exciting adventures. It was a good move that the directors decided to use in that plot for the first solo movie. Ever since that movie, all the plots for the remaining solo films in the series have come straight from the issues over the years, without it being tampered a lot to suit the modern day world.

Marvel is on a role and is sitting comfortably on top as the superior franchise in Hollywood as compared to their rivals, DC Comics. The jackets that you know of are not completely out of fashion, but those that look like superhero costumes are certainly trending. It does not have any weird designs to make you look outrageous. In fact, the more accurate the designs are on the jacket, the better you will look. That is what we aimed in doing when constructing these outerwears. The texture of the pattern makes you look classier and stylish.

It also shows that you paid good money for a luxurious looking jacket. While guys can wear the leather jackets, the women should not be ignored. The letterman jacket is unisex attire, making it eligible for you to show off your love for a superhero like him. Those who are thinking about which costume they should wear this Halloween and for the upcoming costume events here is your answer. As this is the main component for your costume, order any jacket from here and combine it with other clothing items to create the look you are going for.

In addition, be sure to check our blogs for cosplay guides on how to dress up like Captain America. Are you going as Captain America from Age of Ultron, or are you going as Captain America from Civil War? If you prefer are more different look then the best version to dress up as is the Captain America from The Winter Soldier. Whatever your decision at the end of the day is, you are going to look awesome.