How to Get a Good Quality of Sleep and What’s the Price?

Please ask yourself first, did I get enough rest last night with cheap weighted blanket australia? Although I don’t know you, I believe that most young people lack sleep because of the increasingly fierce competition in modern society and the increased pressure on life and work. According to the latest statistics, more than 50% of middle-aged people in the world sleep less than 8 hours a night, which is far less than the time required for healthy sleep.

How to judge your sleep is not enough?

The method of judgment is much simpler than you think. Just look at your mental state and work efficiency. For example, when you wake up in the morning and appear to be listless and feel weak, you must stay up late last night. You need a king size weighted blanket 20 lbs. For example, in the daytime work, you can’t concentrate all your attention on your work, and work efficiency is low, indicating that your sleep quality is not good and your body is not fully rested. These negative performances indicate that your body is in a sub-health state and is in urgent need of nursed back to health.

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What is “sleep debt”?

The metaphor of the image of “sleep debt” is a good illustration of the phenomenon of lack of sleep. Every night, when you haven’t slept before 23 o’clock, “sleep debt” will be added to your “body account”. When you lack of enough sleep time for a long time, the “sleep debt” will accumulate and you may end up with insomnia, anxiety and other diseases.

Your body can cope – but it won’t last

The researchers found an interesting phenomenon in which people can replenish energy through short breaks at certain times of the day, which can alleviate the fatigue caused by sleep loss.

If you are able to maintain 10 hours of sleep each night, your body will perform well in the reaction time test the next morning. This is similar to the fact that you have a big slack on the weekend, and you feel very mentally on the way to work on Monday.

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How to relieve stress and sleep healthy?

Suppose you have accumulated a lot of sleep debt and your body is very weak. Like the truth of debt repayment, the body’s sleep debt is no exception. weighted blanket for couples. Health experts recommend that you arrange a reasonable rest time, sleep as early as possible at night, or take a nap for half an hour during the day. The recovery of energy is important to prevent acute sleep debt from becoming a chronic sleep disorder.

Some tips that can help you gradually restore a reasonable sleep clock:

Set up a series of relaxing activities before going to bed, including taking a hot bath, reading an article, listening to soothing music, which creates a quiet atmosphere that quickly falls asleep.

In addition, there is a very practical suggestion, trying to make the bedroom design warm and refreshing and other environment conducive to sleep. The ideal bedroom should give the following feeling:

  • Cooling: This refreshing and cooling indoor environment is recommended during the hot summer months.
  • Quiet: A quiet environment can relax your mood and help promote sleep.
  • Dark: Dim but unrepressed environment


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